What is DeFi? Guide to Hex by Joakim Kristiansen


Want to stop staring at charts all day? Want to earn high yield safely and sensibly? Want to invest more into crypto but don't know where to start? Then keep reading…

Cryptocurrencies are the fastest appreciating asset class, outperforming stocks, real estate and precious metals. Many people want to get involved but don't know where to start. They have heard about crypto, perhaps don't understand it fully but don't want to end up like some of the horror stories in crypto. Others have started to explore but don't know which step to take next. It can be the wild west out there...

Are you fed up with 'shillers' on Youtube or the person at work telling you all about this and that coin? If you're sick of spending nights looking at charts, trying to catch dips and tops, wasting precious time and energy earning money in a way that is gambling. Wondering when in a bull market where everything is going up and to the right, how can you gauge which projects have proper market fit?

What is Defi? Guides can help. In this book, you will discover.

    • You can earn yield even in a bear market.
    • You can keep control of your wealth.
    • You can partake in the fastest growing asset class without the high-risk trading tactics.
    • Discover things you never knew about Bitcoin and the crypto space.
    • Understand what opportunities are currently open for safe but lucrative investments.
    • A deep dive into one of the most intriguing projects on the blockchain.
    • You can stop spending nights looking at charts.

What is DeFi? Guides explore crypto in a sensible, easy to understand way. We look at the side of crypto that has fully working products. What is Defi? is not about gambling through trading (in which an average of 70% of people lose their wealth). It's about looking at various financial products on the DeFi network that are now open to anyone and can help you grow your wealth safely and sensibly.

Some of the best-kept secrets in crypto are here.

Hex is a bit of an anomaly in the DeFi space; you won't see it listed on the first page on popular listing sites while listed as a top 10 coin on many others. It's a coin that pays you interest to do the only thing that matters in crypto, holding the price. Unlike other projects in DeFi, Hex has no third party. You control your private keys.

This book is a complete guide that will give you the knowledge and confidence to go out into the world of Defi and Hex. Even if you have had no experience in the crypto space, What is DeFi? Guides are clear, concise and highly informative for beginners and experienced crypto users alike.