What is DeFi? Guide to Stablecoins by Joakim Kristiansen

What is DeFi?A guide to StableCoins by Joakim Kristiansen

Does the price volatility of cryptocurrencies hold you back from investing in the world's fastest-growing market? Do you wonder if there are any serious financial products in the crypto space?

Are you looking for a way to earn in crypto without worrying about the price of the coin tanking? The solution is already here.

Welcome to the backbone of the DeFi network...Stablecoins

In a world of million-dollar jpegs, meme coins and prices that seem to blow up and then tank for no reason, it is hard to take the crypto space seriously sometimes. Luckily, many people are already earning higher yields than any other traditional financial product and aren't worrying about coin prices.

The DeFi network using stablecoins has blown up in popularity, and there are a host of products and services that help you grow your wealth.

This guide will take you through today's products that people are earning safely but lucratively. People using stablecoins are already making double-digit APY with peace of mind their investment is safe.

No trading, no staring at charts, just investing in already tried and tested financial products. Find out what makes stablecoins the most used cryptocurrencies by far on the blockchain, with hundreds of thousands of people are already earning excellent yield and protecting their wealth.

In this guide, you will learn how to


    • Earn solid interest safely with crypto in several ways


    • Navigate the space with confidence


    • Lock in your crypto gains while keeping your wealth on the blockchain


    • Use coins backed by assets, not hype.


    • Find the right DeFi products for you.


    • Avoid all the common mistakes beginners make in crypto.

The DeFi movement is just getting started, and its ability to 'cut out the middle man' using blockchain technology has enabled fairer, more efficient and global reaching financial products available for all. Whether you have some experience or not at all with stablecoins, this book will show you how to get involved in most traded cryptocurrencies on the blockchain.