Delta Papa by Gilbert Bouic

Firsthand accounts of Passion and Pain from Humanitarian Warzones

Delta Papa Firsthand accounts of Passion and Pain from Humanitarian warzones by Gilbert Bouic

Raised on isolated sugar plantations, from deep in the Zambezi valley inhabited by the two-toed Vadoma tribe, to the Kafue valley of the Batwa, and the Shire valley inhabited by the Chewa, Delta Papa is taught local traditions by the indigenous tribes, during an epoch when roads were tracks and communication was by word of mouth. Attending conservative boarding schools in the colonies, he eventually emigrates to Europe, via England and Spain to Sweden. The calling for Africa is too great and he returns to run trucks in Mobutu's Zaire and dive for sea-cucumbers in Mozambique and Somalia.
As an emergency logistician with aid organisations he describes the dangers, misery, passion and personal twists of fate, with a personal touch that will keep you riveted from start to finish.

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