Living with Depression by Nick Weatherhogg

Book Cover: Living with Depression by Nick Weatherhogg
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Almost one out of every ten adults and teenagers living in the United Kingdom are affected by some form of depressive illness.

That's a ten-fold increase from seventy years ago, and if it remains unchecked, almost everyone living in the UK will be depressed by the year 2100. The problem is just as bad if not worse in other parts of the world.

Nick Weatherhogg, who has suffered from depression for many years, explores what it means to battle the condition in this inspirational book. He explains the situational, biochemical, and other causes of depression and what treatments may be most effective.

He argues that we need to conduct more research on depression. If we fail to do so, depression could become the world's number one health problem by the year 2030.

People do not choose to become depressed, but they can choose to fight their way out of the darkness. Join the author on a journey that offers the chance to keep enjoying life while Living with Depression.