The Depths of Death: Book 2 by IB Meyer

The depths of death by Ib Meyer

Beneath the waves lies a deadly secret.

When a wealthy and influential businessman drowns in the waters off Grenada, Sten is brought in as a diving consultant. Something is off about the supposedly accidental death, but he can’t quite put his thumb on it. After a harrowing underwater encounter with Amira by his side, Sten’s suspicions are confirmed.

The key to solving the murder may lie in some mysterious sealed cases recovered from a sunken vessel. Whatever is inside them, someone is willing to kill to keep it a secret. As Sten and Amira dig deeper, they stumble upon a sinister crime yet to be committed and suspect it could have ties to The Group.

If The Group is behind this, Sten and Amira are in for the fight for their lives. Once again confronting hired killers and facing off in gun battles on the water, can this determined pair succeed in getting justice for the dead?

Success might bring these two broken people closer together. But failure could result in them floating face-down in the sea.

Prepare yourself for another explosive island thriller as Sten and Amira team up to delve through The Depths of Death. Set sail with the duo as they conduct their investigation both on land and in the water, facing off against the vilest of humanity threatening to shatter the calm Caribbean peace.