Desire for Love by Massimo Parlermo

Desire for love
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This is a story about Gianni, a man whose mission was to lead a simple lifestyle of finding love and getting married and starting a family. He wanted to live out this dream he had since he was in his late teens, and he endured many obstacles over the years to get to where he felt he needed to reach his goal. This story takes place over many years of his life and covers his many different trials and tribulations while growing up from a shy kid to a confident adult. It also covers the reasons he goes through his struggles of finding love and how he tried to lead the simple life and the examples of what he did to maintain the simple lifestyle. Sometimes it was a completely innocent encounter, but nothing was simple for Gianni because no matter where he went, trouble would begin for him. Many times, his friends would be surprised or shocked by these encounters with women even though they would see it happen in front of their own eyes, but the person who was most often surprised was Gianni himself. Because he had many different encounters and circumstances with women that were beyond his control, the dream that he had envisioned was altered and led him to live a completely opposite lifestyle that he was seeking. Not only did he have many different encounters with women in his life, but these encounters would also happen to him anywhere he would be. And it did not matter what his age was, whether he was a teenager or when he was already in his forties. Once he started into the opposite lifestyle, could he turn back in time to reverse course and accomplish his original mission?