Two Times A Sucker by David Snowdon

Book Cover: Two Times A Sucker by David Snowdon

A New York murder mystery detective crime thriller on Kindle now

African American, Private Investigator Tom Swanson travels from Miami to New York to investigate his cousin’s demise.

But when Swanson arrives in New York, he suddenly discovers that cousin Mason Dunkley wasn’t the squeaky clean dude he thought he was.
Dunkley had a few dark secrets.

Swanson suddenly realized he was being played for a patsy, but he has a killer on his hands. And if he has to kick a few backsides to get some action, so be it.

Then the action begins!

But trouble is Swanson’s favorite pastime. It’s what he does for his hard-earned dollars.

And if those New York hoodlums reckoned he was just another soft touch from sun-drenched Miami, longing for a little vacation, they had another thought coming!

Set in Miami, New York, North Carolina and London, it’s explosive
action all the way with this riveting, kick-ass sequel to Sucker To Be Alive!