DOMINANCE by Gem Frost

DOMINANCE by Gem Frost
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Stephen Dominick is a sophisticated, world-famous billionaire. Gabriel Mason is a young, naive college student. Dom and Gabriel have been close friends for a year, but when Dom finally makes a move on Gabriel, the younger man is shocked—and aroused. He finds it increasingly difficult to resist Dom, but as the sexually repressed son of a minister, he can’t help but feel his growing addiction to Dom’s touch is wrong. He struggles against the sensations Dom creates in him, but before long realizes it’s a losing battle. He’s being dominated, body and soul… and he loves it.

But the more their physical closeness grows, the more Dom and Gabe push each other away emotionally. Is hot sex all there is to their relationship, or do they share something deeper, something that might eventually come to dominate them both?

118,000 words. A rewrite and expansion of the Dominance series (previously published as Angelic, Innocent, Supplicant, Submission, Domination, Exposure, Shattered, and Illumination). Rewritten and revised with substantial new material, as well as a bonus short story featuring Dom and Gabe.