Don’t Spit Me Out, God by Lavender Kinsley

Don't spit me out God by Lavender Kinsey

Sage Sullivan is a holy sanctified Bible reading I love Jesus Christian – on Sundays. Ok, maybe every other Sunday. Ok, not the entire Sunday, just from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Look, just be happy she went to church.

Spinning around in the hamster wheel routine of her life and indulging in a few screwball incidents (insert: party until 2 in the morning licking guy on the face while shaking her hips to the music); Sage suddenly realizes she’s spiritually bankrupt. Dusting off the world, with her three friends by her side, she decides to go on a mission’s trip. Refreshed with a renewed lease on life, this lukewarm Christian find herself caught up in scandal, lies, oh-no-he-didn’t…and finally God’s grace.