Dragon Dream by Elena Van Peborgh

Dragon Dream

Her dream is to be a dragon in a world where she can choose anything but that...

Tatiana is the stubborn daughter of two shifters; a bear and a lynx, and it's time for her to choose what kind of shifter she wants to be. Only, she doesn't like the available options.
She wants to be a dragon.
When her parents chastise her for her dreams, she escapes to a place of solace where she meets Jon, a sheltered wolf shifter who instantly becomes her best friend in the world.
But he isn't as trustworthy as she thinks, and a depression will lead her on a journey to a druid that may have the answers to what she seeks. What she has always wanted.
In this young adult fantasy adventure, take a journey with Tatiana of danger, secrets, growth, and connection like never before.

Perfect for fans of T. A. Barron and Christopher Paolini.