Dream Physics by Damian Amamoo

Dream physics

“The value of these experiences in the first person, is fundamental to expand knowledge of our true nature and the essence of our Consciousness.”
Dr Patrizio Tressoldi, Science of Consciousness Research Group, Department of General Psychology, University of Padua, Italy

"I never thought lucid dreaming could be an area of scientific interest. This book brought up new insights and opened up a new dimension of thinking. Motivating me to think of possible applications of lucid dreaming in my field of study. It’s so impressive how the author has used simple similes and metaphors to facilitate understanding of complex psychodynamics.”
Dr. Indika Neluwa-Liyanage, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medical sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka

Dream Physics is a guide book for extraordinary times.

In Dream Physics, Damian Amamoo shows you how to explore your consciousness and connect with your own lucid inner truth.

Dream Physics is a road of discovery that demonstrates we are all unique and have a human heritage that is able to tap into transformational opportunities and literally discover new worlds.

Dream Physics begins by taking a look at problems facing modern science including difficulties accepting odd phenomena and the quest for a Grand Unified Theory of everything or GUT.

In search of answers for the world beneath matter, Dream Physics tours the human brain, memory, consciousness, time and gravity offering perspectives on how we can break down the barriers to GUT success.  Dream Physics prepares you for a journey of consciousness by introducing a framework for “Creative Science” to familiarize you with some of the environments that are accessible via lucid dreaming. We will cover

·      Interpenetration

·      The Multiverse

·      Parallel Worlds

·      Probable Realities

·      The nature of time

·      Planes of existence

·      Subtle body vehicles of consciousness

Drawing on nearly 20 years of original research, Dream Physics places you on our shoulder as we use lucid dreaming to change form, fly, analyze, wonder, shrink, expand, move things about and conduct experiments using mobile consciousness that is part of our lucid truth. Lucid skills that are available to everyone who cares to learn including scientists, quantum physicists, neuroscientists, experimental psychologists, therapists, philosophers and above all you.

“We are going to give scientists new tools for thinking about matter, consciousness and physics. We are going to give you new inner tools to explore your lucid truth and draw greater pleasure from your waking and sleeping experiences.”

To help you get started on your own Lucid Dream adventures, Dream Physics will introduce a “Lucid Checklist” and then we will revisit the “Hard Problem of Consciousness” and preview some topics to be included in our next book Creative Science and Visualization.

Dream Physics also includes a Glossary of frequently used terms for your easy reference.