A Drinker’s Poems, Thoughts and Dialogue by C.O.B.

A drinker's poems by C.O.B.

On the anniversary, an old man enters a bar to honour the memory of his dear friend who passed away. A collection of poems then aids in telling a story of being in a time where love came at a cost. You will experience the joy of living, loving, and then crying from the pain of it all. Of course, laughter ensues in between—lots and lots of laughter because it is also life. A merry-go-round of raw emotions, this collection of poetry and writings is a testimony to how life was lived, and is meant to be lived… from the perspective of an old drinker.

“I did not know what to expect when I picked up A Drinker’s Poems, Thoughts, Dialogue by C.O.B. But as I read it I loved the author’s raw, uncensored, and genuine voice. […] the author captivated me, opened my senses, and took me into a world not different than life but seen for the first time. This is what poetry is all about! … So many deep truths can be discovered from one life topic if explored from different perspectives! This is what I got from A Drinker’s Poems, Thoughts, Dialogue by C.O.B. It’s a must-read book to take to a bar!”Reader Views

“The author’s collection is bold and honest. … Experimental in its own way, this collection will appeal to poetry readers who appreciate Bukowski-like verses fueled by a Baudelaire-like existence. Its focus on the day-to-day and even night-to-night happenings of a self-aware speaker makes these unique poetic offerings accessible and engaging.”The US Review of Books

"Each piece feels like a note written in a bottle found ashore. The act of reading it feels serendipitous, and the emotions described capture some of the best and worst aspects of life. … No matter what page you turn to, something new and innovative will greet you there. There's no time to become bored or for the writing to stale. C.O.B. shows that, no matter what form it’ll take, a gut-wrenching piece of writing awaits."Independent Book Review

“I enjoyed C.O.B.’s writing style because he particularly emphasizes emotions and feelings. … The reflections are related to love, family, and wanting to improve as an individual. … My favorite story was The Kitbag about a girl who yearns for a better future for her family and herself, and it is up to her to achieve it. … A Drinker's Poems, Thoughts & Dialogue is ideal for meditating on time and life.”Readers’ Favorite