Eagle River Detectives, Book 4 by Katherine Klemp

Eagle river detectives book 4

Eagle River Detectives, Book 4: The Mystery of the Old House," the electrifying conclusion to The Grant Legacy series, where secrets are revealed, mysteries are unraveled, and danger lurks in the shadows.

Eagle River may look like a sleepy little town, but hidden secrets lie dormant, waiting for the right person to unearth them.
Meet Jodie Grant, the youngest but most determined of the Grant children, with a relentless curiosity that could change their family's legacy forever. After stumbling upon a hidden trove of enigmatic photographs and documents in the attic of their ancestral home, she embarks on a thrilling journey that will challenge her courage and the bonds of her family.
With fires plaguing their peaceful town, Jodie and her loyal friend are convinced there's more to these flames than meets the eye. As she doggedly follows the trail of clues, is she putting herself in perilous danger? Will the Eagle River Detectives, rally together, and save her in this heart-pounding adventure?

Mystery, Adventure! Family values, fun and sometimes silly, the Eagle River Detectives are a delight.