Easy Self-Discipline by James W. Williams

Easy self discipline

How to Resist Temptations, Build Good Habits, and Achieve Your Goals WITHOUT Will Power or Mental Toughness (Self-Discipline Mastery Book 2)

Forget Willpower…Discover the Scientifically Proven Easier Way to Resist Temptations and Crush Your Goals

Do you feel discouraged because of the countless failed attempts to become more disciplined?

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed by the obstacles that prevent you from accomplishing your goals?

Are you ready to break free from distractions, temptations, excuses, and laziness?

If you’ve ever struggled to break the mold on a bad habit, no matter how much you try to pull yourself up into a better place in life, only to find yourself back at square one, this book is for you.

Multiple Amazon Best-Selling Author James W. Williams provides a scientifically proven, step-by-step program to achieve your goals.

These strategies don’t rely on the willpower or mental toughness that has failed to serve you again and again.

Within the following pages, you’ll discover an intimate recollection of James’s personal story through his own habit change journey, detailing what he learned along the way, as well as exploring the key strategies and psychological principles from the top habit experts of the modern age. This all comes together to create an ideal road map for anyone who’s sick of relapsing into their old ways and wants to move forward to pursue the life of their dreams.

Some of the powerful topics you will discover in this book include:

● The benefits of habits and developing a routine

● Why willpower and mental toughness are the wrong approaches to becoming more disciplined

● How habits are formed and kept in the brain

● Step-by-step breakdown of how to master your habits and build the life you want

● How to design the perfect environment to help you succeed

● How to completely rewire your brain so you enjoy doing the hard things

● The most effective habit tracking strategies

● And so much more

Easy Self-Discipline isn’t just about the knowledge to help you fix that one habit you’ve been struggling with. This is a blueprint that can help you radically redefine your lifeand change it for the better with long-lasting effects that will last your entire life.

If you’re ready for that kind of shift, then Easy Self-Discipline: How to Resist Temptations, Build Good Habits, and Achieve Your Goals WITHOUT Willpower or Mental Toughness is ready for you.