eCommerce Business Empire by Leon King

eCommerce business empire by Leon King

Looking for a way to fire your boss this year? How about just making some extra money in your sleep? 90% of online businesses fail in the first 120 days. You're not going to be one of them.

No more feeling lost and not knowing what to do.

No more trading time for money.

No more dreading going to work every day.

No more being unable to provide for those you love.

No more wasting money, time, and effort in unprofitable ventures.

No more paying gurus thousands of dollars for outdated tactics.

Why not? Because there's a formula to starting an eCommerce business, and it can be summed up in 5 simple steps.

If you’ve been waiting for the ultimate guide to building your eCommerce store from the digital ground up, this book will help get you started and rise above your competitors with marketing secrets others usually pay hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars to obtain. This is what you’ll learn:

  • Which platformyou should be building your e-Commerce store on, and why
  • The different e-Commerce business models that meet your objectives and resources (there’s something for everyone)
  • The step-by-step guide to building a sales funnel that will generate leads and customers on auto-pilot
  • How to write copy in the form of emails, social media posts, or video sales letters, which will inspire your customers to take action
  • How to fill your sales funnels with qualified leads, without paying for any ads
  • The only content creation framework you need to create posts for every social media platform, saving you hours in content ideation
  • The different elements required to get started with SEO for e-Commerce (and these are different from your typical SEO elements)
  • The five tactics you can use to scale your profits, leveraging your business to make more money (rather than just selling your products)
  • The importance of creating a customer avatar for your e-Commerce business (this is a concept that will show up throughout your e-Commerce journey and throughout this book)

I've even included a complimentary course on copywriting. The course alone is worth 10x the price of the book.

When I write books, it’s to help readers get all the fundamental knowledge they need, plus practical advice they can use. I don’t want you to have any excuse not to build your dream online empire; all the information critical to your journey is right here.

Go ahead, click "Buy Now". You'll be glad you did.