A BLUE HORIZON by M.R. Darling

Book Cover: A BLUE HORIZON by M.R. Darling
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The economy teeters on the edge of ruin as strange events invade the last metropolis capable of maintaining the balance.

An early rainy morning brings the inexplicable destruction of two metro trains, leaving nothing but questions behind for reporter Beau Bradley. Was it a terrorist attack or just an unfortunate accident? The answer could tip that balance and usher in an era of depression that the country may never recover from.

Bill Wyburn, former chief of Orchid, is drafted back into service to help find a solution to this unfolding puzzle. With his expertise, the covert military organization recruits Nick Miller, a battle-hardened captain, to lead a fresh squad of soldiers into the growing phenomenon, and search for the source.

Meanwhile, a lone survivor knows the truth.

Content Warning:
The book contains: Strong language, violence, and copious coffee references. It DOES NOT contain: A love story, a love interest, fornication of any kind, vampires, zombies, ninjas, pirates, cyborgs, teenagers rebelling against an elder society or magic wands.