Eden and Ethan by Debi Gueron

eden and ethan

Eden and Ethan Discover the Power of Color (Adventures with Eden and Ethan Book 1)

What is your color of happiness? What is your color of Calm?

Welcome to a Magical Journey of Discovery!

During this voyage we learn of a powerful and helpful tool lying within each and every one of us. With Eden and Ethan’s help, you will be able to unlock your very own super power and teach your children how this special ability can help them become empowered and independent. This super power has the potential to help our children make wiser choices and encourage them to think for themselves when those they rely on to help are not by their sides.

Eden and Ethan are twins and best friends. They share almost everything, and are sure that this will always be so. One day, when the twins are five years old, they become aware that they are separate individuals with their own set of emotions and feelings, unique to themselves. For the first time ever, the twins set off on a wondrous journey of realization, with the understanding that they do not always see the world in quite the same way, and certainly not at the same time.

Eden and Ethan discover that each emotion is represented by a different color for everyone. They found that by closing their eyes and coloring over negative feelings with a color that for them represents a positive emotion, they could actually make better decisions in their lives, and help their friends and family too. Now the twins need their parents help, and together, they all built a ‘Wheel of Color’ - full of names of different emotions inside the colors. For every person each feeling can be represented by a different color. The entire family decided that this new super power which they named ‘rainbow power’. This most helpful, empowering tool is not only free, but it is always available in our minds at all times, just waiting to be unlocked. It can be called upon whenever needed and help almost everybody manage their emotions on their own.

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