Edvards Rule by Jim Cavalier

Edvards rule

From her 18th birthday and her first involvement in the world of BDSM, submission for Kelli Ann Miles seemed natural, harmless, and fun. When an ‘on line’ meeting turned ‘real time’ and introduced her to her first ‘Dom’, it seemed even better until his cocaine habit drove him to erratic behavior triggering his beating of her that ended a relationship she though was ‘the one’. While withdrawing from the ‘scene’, Kelli Ann meets an older man on line and even though separated by 2500 miles it appears love will prevail. A family tragedy thrusts Kelli Ann into the role as ‘head of household’ long enough for weakness to set in and she once again enters the world of BDSM, only this time as a slave for a wealthy Louisville couple. In the next six months, what starts out as rapture ends up as a short time in hell for Kelli Ann as she is used and abused beyond her limits. The book is set in Louisville, Kentucky from 1995 to 1999 and is fiction based on actual events.