Effective Laziness by S.O. Damilola

Effective laziness

A 7-Step Guide for Putting your Laziness to Work, Boosting your Efficiency, and Achieving More With Less

Do You Want to Know How to INCREASE YOUR EFFICIENCY 100% by Being Effectively Lazy?

Yes, you can actually multiply your productivity by being strategic and choosy about what you do and how you do it.

We Were All Born and Built to Be Lazy. That is why the most productive and happiest people on Earth are lazy.

That is why you feel happy when you choose to do something pleasurable instead of work. When you choose pleasure or a relaxed way of working over boring, hard work, your body releases dopamine, a hormone that makes you feel good.

To stay happier and fulfilled, you must constantly find ways to work in a pleasurable and relaxed manner. Instead of being the hardest worker in every room you walk into, you need to be the smartest, most efficient worker. There are no prizes for being the hardest worker; the only prizes available go to the smartest workers.

So, it is alright for you not to be a hard worker; in fact, it is necessary for you to work smart than to work hard.

I used to be a hard worker, too, but I didn’t enjoy my work. Until I discovered that being relaxed and rested made it easier for me to work better and feel better about my work. I began to work on the best efficiency techniques I could find until I became an effectively lazy individual.

Effective laziness does not mean that you are a couch potato. No! Rather, it means that you choose when to strike but when you strike, you strike with conviction, maximum impact and productivity. You achieve more by doing less!

Do you want to stop living a stressful life where you jump from task to task without any rest? Do you feel like you need to work harder than everyone else you know? Do you want to learn to work at your own pace and still be the best you can be?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then it is time for you to learn to be effectively LAZY!

Do people think you are lazy? Do you find yourself looking for easier solutions to every problem? Are you worried that you are not productive enough even though your output says so? Do people think that you are too laidback even though you get your job done? Then, let me reinforce your effective laziness and prove to you that you are doing just great!

This book, Effective Laziness,

  • Demystifies why the greatest names and inventors in the world are also the most laidback workers you could ever meet!
  • Explains the 7 most powerful techniques for being productive (and relaxed), that will change your life forever!
  • Gives you 7 compelling reasons why you need to be effectively lazy and be unapologetic about it!
  • Provides 6 different personality tests and links to 5 FREE tests for assessing your personality type and career interests!
  • Contains a secret 80/20 rule that only smart people know and 10 ways to use it to change your life today!
  • Outlines 15 effective tips for stopping overthinking, stress and worry before they can even manifest!
  • Will give you a 6-step guide for guarding your mental and physical health better, and staying fitter than you have ever felt!
  • Introduces a detailed process for finding out what you really want to do in life and how to DO them!
  • Discusses a unique and practical 5-step approach to goals that top industry leaders use to compound their efforts!

Lions are the “Kings of the Jungle” but they do not hunt everyday or hunt the hardest. Instead, they conserve their strengths for one big hunt every few days. You can choose to be a lion at work too.
We all want to be productive! We all want to relax and truly enjoy life!
Do you want to enjoy the best of the two worlds?