Eighth Resonance by Randy Kabitz

Eighth resonance
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The news is accusing Leo Starwater of murdering a young woman in a dark alley, but Sai knows it’s all a lie. She’s the one who pulled the trigger. However, the woman she killed wasn’t a woman at all, but a ravenous shapeshifter. She calls them Strangers. They want Leo, but why, neither of them knows.
While fleeing the law, the two uncover Leo’s family secrets and a wild destiny that hurtles them into a world gone mad. The Strangers are snatching people from the streets. Cities burn, and rioters demand answers, but the president of the United States is telling lies on television.
Leo holds the key to stopping the creatures, but he can’t do it alone. With the help of a strange crew of unlikely allies, they race to save us all. But will time be on their side?