Ella Says: It’s Cool to be Different! by Anu D Misa

cool to be different by anu misa

Find out what happened to Ella at the amusement park! A fun adventure filled with ups, downs, twists and turns leads to Ella’s amazing discovery that she actually loves her “dreaded” polka dot raincoat in this award-winning third book in the ELLA SAYS series!

It was finally the day Ella and her little dog Ollie had been anticipating all week – their family was going to the AMUSEMENT PARK! But when Ella woke and looked out the window, she saw big dark clouds. Ella CRINGED. She would have to wear the orange polka dot raincoat her grandfather had hand-stitched for her. Ella really DISLIKED it because it was so DIFFERENT. Their day at the park was an adventure! It had some ups and downs, led them to a lost kitten who needed their help, and ultimately resulted in a big win for the whole family! Find out how Ella came to LOVE her dreaded raincoat and appreciate the IMPORTANCE of being UNIQUE!

  • A picture storybook that delivers an ENTERTAINING story with stunning illustrations on every page.
  • Perfect for SPARKING CONVERSATIONS with children about the importance of being different, managing peer pressure, and being considerate by showing kindness and helping others.
  • Look for the FREEBIE surprises at the end of the book!