Ella Says: Let’s Have a Giving Christmas by Anu D Misa

Ella says lets have a giving Christmas by Anu Misa

Find out how a crisis at the animal shelter, a desire to help, and the power of giving all lead to Ella’s most extraordinary Christmas ever in this fourth book of the Ella Says adventure series.

Ella excitedly rushes home from school on the last day before Christmas break, thinking how WONDERFUL it will be to have the whole family TOGETHER for the holidays at grandpa’s house in nearby Jingleville. Her excitement soon turns into worry as she learns about a CRISIS at the animal shelter. Ella gazes at her little dog, Ollie, wishing every animal could be as happy and loved as he is. Step by step, she learns there is so much she can do to HELP the shelter! Together with her brother Parker, her dog Ollie, and the rest of her family, they put together a PLAN to save the shelter. With a little extra help from SANTA on Christmas Eve, they have the best possible outcome. Their ADVENTURE teaches Ella that GIVING is very rewarding and is the reason for her best CHRISTMAS ever!

  • A picture storybook that delivers an ENTERTAINING tale with stunning illustrations on every page.
  • FREEBIE surprises at the end of the book!
  • Great way to INSPIRE CHATS about the importance of giving and helping others, especially during Christmas time, recognizing that every action we take—no matter how small—can have a significant positive impact on others, and working together through teamwork to solve problems.
  • Great for young readers and as a bedtime story for younger children.