Ella Says – I’m Not Afraid of the Dark! by Anu Misa

Ella says Im not afraid of the dark by Anu Misa

Find out why Ella is no longer afraid of the dark! When the day abruptly turns dark and stormy, a little courage, a sprinkle of magic, and some furry friends help Ella overcome her fear of the dark in this award-winning first book in the ELLA SAYS series!

Ella and her little dog Ollie are playing in the woods when the bright sunny day SUDDENLYturns DARK, windy, and rainy! As it grows darker, Ella and Ollie become disoriented and LOST. And they are SEPARATED too! Ella is AFRAID of the dark and wants to go home. But, first, she must find her best friend, Ollie! So, she BRAVELY makes her way through the woods and finds him! Once they are reunited, TOGETHER with many woodland friends, they hatch their plan to FIND their way home. Their ADVENTURE teaches them that they can SMILE and not be afraid of the dark!

  • A picture storybook that delivers an ENTERTAINING story with stunning illustrations on every page.
  • Wonderful way to INSPIRE CHATS with children about not being afraid of the dark, the importance of managing change, and working together through teamwork to solve problems.
  • Look for the FREEBIE surprises at the end of the book!