Ella Says: I’m Going to be an Astronaut! by Anu D Misa

Im going to be an astronaut by Anu D Misa

Find out about the strange green light that crashes outside Ella’s window! Inquisitive Ella can't stop gazing into space! Join her on a dreamy solar system space adventure as she helps her new friend Leelo find his way home in this award-winning second book in the ELLA SAYS series!

Ella gazes up at the sky, thinking space is such an IMMENSE and undiscovered place, bursting with stars, planets, galaxies and POSSIBILITIES! The most AMAZING thing happens as she looks, and it leads to a space ADVENTURE through our solar system. Ella, her brother Parker, and her little dog Ollie sneak out to help Leelo, the space alien who is lost and whose spaceship has run out of power. Together, they go in search of Leelo's home, and in doing so, they visit all the PLANETS in our solar system and meet new friends along the way. Their adventure has some TWISTS and TURNS along the way, but in the end, Leelo makes it home, and Ella makes a very important decision! She is going to be an ASTRONAUT and fly a rocket one day!

  • A picture storybook that delivers an ENTERTAINING story with stunning illustrations on every page.
  • Great tool to INITIATE DISCUSSIONS with children about understanding the universe we live in, the importance of setting goals, and the need to be kind by helping others.
  • Look for the FREEBIE surprises at the end of the book!