End Time (The End Time Saga Book 1) by Daniel Greene

End Time (The End Time Saga Book 1) by Daniel Greene
They show no fear. They show no remorse. All they want is to see you dead. 
Mark Steele, a rising star within the shadowy counter-terrorism Division, and his team of gritty operatives are ready to meet any task. A simple escort mission to bring back besieged embassy staff is about to put all their training to the test.
Unbeknownst to them, they are gearing up against a highly contagious microbe that spreads like wildfire through the streets killing everyone in its path. It's not death they will learn to fear, but what comes in its wake...
Only a lone CDC virologist understands the dire implications of the outbreak. Can Steele and his comrades get him back to the U.S. in one piece? Or is this mankind's last breath before the world rises again undead?
The first installment of an epic series, End Time starts as a slow burn that turns into a breakneck paced struggle for survival. Greene does an excellent job of depicting individual stories within the larger scope of the global epidemic. Follow this harrowing tale of horrific survival, duty, and love as the living dead bring the world to its knees.
Enter the End Time.