Energy Healing and Chakras by T.A. Campbell

Energy healing and chakras

"Energy Healing and Chakras: A Complete Guide to Self - Healing and Unblocking, Clearing and Balancing Your Chakras" aims to offer a holistic account of a number of self-healing modalities. This book will take you on a journey of self discovery.

“Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized.”


One of the most important teachings it is important to be aware of when embarking on a journey of healing and wholeness is to become in tune with your chakras. All illness, disease and innate psychological conditions can be seen to have their origins in something internal; there is not only the physical reality and we are complex beings. We are shaped by our experiences, observations, hardships, struggles, interactions, sensory stimuli, and inner biological factors. Every sound heard, sight witnessed, and touch experienced contributes to the person we know as the self- as yourself. All of our beliefs, conditioned thought patterns, and inner emotional responses are therefore influenced by the external world.

Author T.A. Campbell started her spiritual journey over 20 years ago while studying holistic practices focusing on Massage Therapy specifically an ancient technique called Amma Therapy, which is a classical form of Asian bodywork that predates acupuncture. Where the acupuncturist would use needles, the Amma Therapist uses their fingers to manipulate these points.
As her studies progressed she became more and more focused on the nutrition aspect of the therapy which led her to switch gears to become a culinary arts specialist with a focus on organic and local cuisine and how proper nutrition not only effects the body but the brain. T.A. has travelled the world and in doing so has met and studied with some of the greatest practitioners of spiritual and energy healing.
This book and the several to follow will dive deep into these practices breaking them down in an approachable and easy to understand guide so that anyone will be able to benefit from her experience and all that she is learned in the last 2 decades.