MENAGE: 3 BOOK BUNDLE by Rayann Kendal

Book Cover: MENAGE: 3 BOOK BUNDLE by Rayann Kendal

More combinations than you can throw your hat at in this three book erotica bundle.

Tempting Her Away:
Rosa has been watching the hot, young studs who just moved in next door. The duplex's that house military personnel don't afford much privacy, but they do give her a great view of the sailors and Marines that come and go.

She and her boyfriend are slipping into the routine of living as roommates, not as lovers. She's been trying to get his attention, to stoke the passion that has died. Her boyfriend is oblivious--but her advances have not gone unnoticed. She isn't the only one that has been spying on the neighbors.

A simple invitation to join the boys next door around the fire pit turns flirtatious. They know that she isn't getting what she needs at home--something they are yearning to provide.

Hunting Her Man:
A naval officer and his wife indulge in a naughty habit. What began years ago as a dare between husband and wife has metamorphosed into something much larger. Tabby has grown a pension for seduction. She likes picking up the hottest stud in the bar and luring him somewhere private...Her husband Sean likes watching her play, but he isn't content with just acting the voyeur.

Tonight they set their eyes their eyes on a young sailor. The cocky man in uniform is a handful, but Tabby knows how to handle her men.

Catching Her Man:
The heart pulls in two directions. A long lasting fire and a new, tempting flame.

When Tabby seduced Raul, she wasn't expecting to be drawn to the hot young stud like she was. She enjoyed her prey a little too much. Her and her husband had a good game going...seduce them and ditch them. Instead of pushing the cocky sailor away, Tabby's husband aims to please. He makes a bold move and invites Raul into his home--with his wife.

For Tabby, seduction has become a game, and she and her husband enjoy toying with strong studs, throwing them to the side when they are done. Until now...