Chemistry by C.L. Lynch

Book Cover: Chemistry by C.L. Lynch
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Chemistry by C.L. Lynch

He loves her brains.
Winner of the 2017 IndieReader Discovery Awards (Humor)
"Lynch's work overflows with wit... Lynch cleverly and dramatically subverts expectations, delivering a fast-moving and very fun zombie blood-fest that challenges ideas about femininity and teenage love." - BookLife Prize in Fiction
"This was an AMAZING book! I could not put it down. Chemistry by C.L. Lynch is everything Twilight should have been. It is funny, empowering, and still romantic.... do yourself a favor and pick this up." - The Roadside Reader
"Chemistry by C. L. Lynch begins as a humorous take on Stephanie Meyer's Twilight, but quickly turns into a story of a bullied teenager learning to trust others." - IndieReader
"This is a sharp, witty and extremely funny story that will appeal to both Twilight and non-Twilight fans alike..... maybe this started off life as a straightforward parody but it clearly reanimated into something completely different - with added brains." -Tales of a Librarian