THE EYE by Hari Manev

THE EYE (The Meaning of Fruth Book 1) by Hari Manev

The Meaning of Fruth Book 1

The fruth is the truth revealed by stipulating what the meaning of "is" is. This first book in the trilogy The Meaning of Fruth is a funny satire on society dominated by social media.

There are two realities in this allegory populated by telepathic gastropods and insects: the binary world (reality as we perceive it) and the puzworld (everything else). The story is narrated through teletweets, the puzworld telepathic messages made of up-to-140-characters (some call the story a "Twitter-novel" although Hari Manev does not use the Twitter). The two main characters in the trilogy, Fidelio (a slug) and Tlag (a snail), travel through the puzworld, encounter diverse cultures not unlike the binary world's human societies, and solve mysteries. In THE EYE, Fidelio masquerades as snail and seeks help from the Snailwood's preeminent Scientist in his quest of finding a way to foretell the future. They develop the Total Information Awareness Program, which projects a snail's future whereabouts by extrapolating from the preserved previous locations in their trails. Fearing the misuse of the Program by the Snailwood's President and her powerful Secretary, Fidelio abandons the projects and teams up with Tlag, the Snailwood's only unsynchronized telepathic Medium. The two lead the young Snailwooders to a better future in Oceania. Will they find a way out of Snailwood by following the naked Artists? Will Dr. O find Tlag and apply his powerful sting against her? Find out in this witty allegory garnished with scientific facts and references.