Your Fabulous First Book by Andrea Susan Glass

How to Write with Clarity, Confidence & Connection

Your fabulous first book

Write a Fabulous First Book Even If You Don’t Know How to Begin

Are you stuck trying to write or finish your book…
…and just can’t figure out how?

If you only had the steps to writing a book to guide you.

That’s why author Andrea Susan Glass wrote Your Fabulous First Book: How to Write with Clarity, Confidence & Connection. You’ll follow an award-winning ghostwriter and book coach as she leads you, an aspiring author, to discover what’s vital for success and to conquer any obstacles to writing and finishing your book.

Have you been frustrated because you don’t know how to get all your content organized?
Are you afraid your book won’t be good enough or no one will want to buy it?
Do you struggle with not knowing how you’ll market and sell your book?

If you’re a coach, speaker, service provider, or entrepreneur whose goal is learning to write a book to share your message, attract business, and generate passive income, then you need to read Your Fabulous First Book.

Gleaned from more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of clients, Andrea shares what she knows works. The inspiring quotes, revealing stories of clients, and structured path to remove distractions or challenges by finding clarity, building confidence, and making connections lead the reader to a satisfying conclusion: a fabulous first book. The valuable resources and action steps to implement the concepts give readers a guaranteed solution to realizing their dream of writing and publishing a book.

    • Learn about the top three issues you must get clarity on if you want to write a book that will sell.
    • Discover which fears and excuses you need to overcome to write and finish your book.
    • Find out why connecting with the reader is essential in these two areas.

Andrea takes you behind the scenes to show you how she conquered her own challenges while writing her first book. In less than a few hours per week, if you perform the actions in the book and commit to doing what it takes, you will realize your dream of being a published author.

Buy Your Fabulous First Book now and celebrate when your book is on Amazon.