Falling Apart, Falling for You by Chris Posti

Falling apart falling for you by Chris Posti
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Three women. One reunion. A town forever changed.
Fans of Sherryl Woods’ Sweet Magnolia Netflix series, Debbie Macomber’s It’s Better this Way, and Sharon Garlough Brown’s Sensible Shoes series will relate to this “coming of age” tale about three former friends, now age 57, getting together again for their 40th high school reunion in Port Mariette, a tiny blue-collar town south of Pittsburgh, PA.
The women rally one another through changes as well as challenges—including the mayor’s plan to block construction of a new highway exit for the town. The trio must find a way to ensure the exit is built—otherwise, their businesses and the town itself will not survive.
Meet the women …
Suzanne. Her disappointing experiences with men, coupled with a demanding job as a traveling corporate trainer, have kept her from remarrying. Now, though, she’s convinced she’s finally found the man she wants to settle down with. But when she loses her job, her life falls apart—until she learns events can happen for surprising reasons.
Rachel. After her husband suffers a fatal heart attack, she’s alone for the first time in her life, struggling to run the family business on her own. Her neighbor wants to rescue her, her son wants to move home to help her, and her old high school crush suggests a new career direction. She’s got choices to make, and not just with her business.
Marla. Adrift after selling her thriving chain of women’s gyms, she’s swimming in money but drowning in pain. Desperate to create a meaningful future, she comes clean about her shocking secrets, and searches for the family she never knew. The town’s contractor helps her spiritually and her attorney helps her legally—leading her to choose one of them for even more.