FARES AND FUR erotic fiction on Kindle by BP Slitt

Book Cover: FARES AND FUR erotic fiction on Kindle by BP Slitt


A Queen werewolf named Edie was beginning to lose control of her pack. They wanted her to hunt and eat humans. She forbade it, but she feared they no longer listened to her. When Mason the cab driver saves her from a confrontation with her mate, her pack targets him as their next victim. Edie defies her pack to protect him. Mason finds himself intoxicated with this mysterious, beautiful woman with the dangerous boyfriend while Edie finds it increasingly difficult to ignore what the handsome man could offer her as a new partner.

Next, Colby, a Witch werewolf was exiled from her old pack. Isolated and, yes she’d admit it, painfully horny, she seeks out a new pack she hears is starting in Winter’s Haven. Before she finds the pack, she meets a Hunter who offers to help her with one of her increasingly pressing needs. She finds him terribly appealing, and his offer to tie her up in the bedroom doesn’t get passed up. But when she realizes he’s hunting a member of the new clan, she’s no longer certain she can trust him.

Finally, a Historian werewolf named Drusilla finds herself living for decades in a zoo. Isolated and content, she’s happy to spend her days with her family of wolves. But when a woman offers her and her pack a place in her new clan, she finds it hard to decline the opportunity to elevate her pack to werewolf status, even if it puts her back on the radar of those looking for her.

Feuds and love clash in conflict throughout the erotic werewolf novel, Fares and Fur.