Find Happiness Through Negative Thinking by Larry Gotterer

Find happiness through negative thinking

Are you ready to give positive thinking the middle finger for failing you?

WARNING: All the advice in this book defies acceptable mental health best practices and evidence-based psychological research.

Why do you often feel like you lose despite having a winning attitude?

CAUTION: This book will turn the stomachs of all optimists.

Do you feel like a piñata getting pounded from all sides by things going wrong?

BREAK THROUGH: If positive thinking hasn’t worked for you, this book was written for you.

Through never saw it coming and semi-shocking insights, Negatist and Humorist Larry Gotterer reveals how you can:

  • Survive in the Screw Youniverse.
  • Shatter the glass-half-full illusion.
  • Accept that bad isn't as bad as you think. It's worse.

Were you taught to think positive from the day you were born? Too bad! The good news is that today, you can be reborn, and Find Happiness through Negative Thinking.


This is what real and imaginary people are saying about Find Happiness through Negative Thinking...

“I read this entire book out loud with my cat sitting next to me. It’s so motivating that it even helped her!”

“My parents taught me to be a positive person. Just like what they told me about sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, I never should have listened.”

“I get more pleasure taking this book to bed with me than I do my boyfriend. I’ve read it 26 times.”

“No qualified therapist or life coach in their right mind would ever give you the kind of insane inspirational insights you’ll find in this laugh-out-loud self-help book.”

“If you’re feeling negative about positive thinking, every chapter will get you feeling positive about negative thinking.”

“I wish I found this book five years ago. My life might have been different. Maybe I wouldn’t have gone to prison.”

The path to happiness is to think negatively. This self-help book will show you how.