Finding Nowhere by Jeff Wade

Finding Nowhere by Jeff Wade
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He asked of God what he’d silently asked the killer. Of course there was no reply. There never was.

Master Pastor, who is neither a master nor a pastor, spends the hours of his life in a fruitless search. For God, for himself—and now for Jessi, his ten-year-old surrogate daughter. She’s been kidnapped.

Left for dead, the sole living witness to the abduction, Devin is Jessi’s only hope. But he’s forgotten his cell phone. The landline’s been cut. No choice but to follow. The van nearly tips as he peels out of the parking lot.

Confronting the gunman will no doubt be met with deadly force. While a martial arts expert, Devin is unarmed. Dead, he’ll do Jessi no good. He’ll just have to tail them and pray for a chance.

His hope is that they’ll both survive, that he’ll mentor Jessi to mastery, that he’ll one day play Mr. Myagi to her children. But he knows it doesn’t work like that. He knows somewhere along the line, the gatekeeper will demand a toll of blood.