Finding Shambhala by M.G. Hawking

Book Cover: Finding Shambhala by M.G. Hawking

‘In The Valley of Supreme Masters'

June 2016 Release. Beginning at the dawn of the ancient Qinghai-Tibet Plateau civilizations, throughout Asia there has endured an unwavering belief in the existence of a society of highly enlightened masters living in an isolated valley deep in the vast wilderness of the Great Himalayan Range. Journey into the world of this profound legend through an unprecedented first-hand account and explore realities that for long millenniums have remained concealed under layers of myth and secrecy. Transcribed directly from the journals and field notes of explorer M.G. Hawking’s five years in closed and largely unexplored Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet, this anthological book contains detailed narratives of Hawking’s remarkable encounters, including first-hand accounts of the psychokinetic abilities he witnessed and in-depth descriptions of his discussions with true masters and sages, revealing the esoteric knowledge and practices that make such extraordinary abilities possible.
An incomparable book for anyone on a spiritual path or seeking greatly expanded knowledge and personal power. Anthology, 16 Sections, 42 Subsections, Kindle Edition page count 230. A Kindle Unlimited book. For more information, please see the book’s Amazon description and ‘Look Inside’ feature.