The Flaw by D.M. Rasey

A Virus that could Wipe out the Entire Human Race!

The flaw

A genius kid, Lucas Levey learns the virus he worked on will wipe out every living soul on our planet unless he does something to stop it.
The virus does not have a fail-safe architecture and can not be reverse-engineered. It first affects the human nervous system, then induces uncontrollable rage, then death.

No one lives when they're infected.

Nobody had any idea that even a virus developed by a naive 14-year-old had been born. People write off and abandon the mass-shooting chain to undiagnosed mental illness. Yet the more it is ignored, the worse it gets.
It began with Columbine, spreading across the United States at breakneck speed. By the year 2000, the sounds of a mass-shooting echo through every state..