Florian’s Boys by Matt RC Browne

Florian's Boys by Matt RC Browne
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When modern life leaves you cold, the only way is back...

Life is depressing for James Burrows. Under-sexed and over-bored, dead inside at 20.

Then, on an underwhelming London night out, James meets the mysterious Florian, who offers him an escape - through British history, and a wild plan to bring it back.

The Jacobite line of monarchs, last seen two hundred years ago drinking themselves to death, are to be restored - and Britain is to bathe in golden visions of historical nostalgia.

Entranced by Florian and his friends James must choose between 21st century boredom, and a mind-altering trip spiralling ever deeper into Britain's past.

''Laugh out loud funny and lovingly laden with historical detail - this is a clever, breezy blend of historical fiction and state of the nation satire.'' Russell Warfield

''A bizarre, coming of age story which explores the potency of history, loneliness and the desire to belong in the world.'' Kristiana Reed