Foraging in the Pacific Northwest by Armand Hansen

Foraging in the pacific northwest

How much do you know about which wild plants you can eat, and which ones you should avoid?

This information is absolutely essential if you’re foraging, or if you find yourself lost and need to find something to eat to survive.

Perhaps you are interested in learning more about how to identify, gather, and prepare edible wild plants.

Maybe you’re thinking about setting out on a journey—one that will require you to forage as part of your expedition.

You want to make sure you know everything you possibly need, so you don’t eat the wrong thing and get the most out of every wild plant you can eat.

Or perhaps you have never been confident to plan this sort of trip before, because you don't have enough knowledge.

Well, that won’t be an issue any longer! Foraging in the Pacific Northwest is the complete beginner’s guide to preparing and eating edible wild plants.

No clue how to identify and gather edible wild plants?

It doesn’t matter if you have some experience or no experience in foraging—this book will teach you everything you need to know.

Our ancestors would forage food as their main way to eat each day. Foraged wild plants made up the majority of their diets. It’s in our history and our blood to be great foragers, and this book will help you tap into that.

Over the years, less and less people have taken an interest in foraging, as modern society rarely requires us to do so.

But, as we become more environmentally conscious, and more people are looking to get back to nature in an attempt to reduce the stress that modern life brings, more and more people want to learn about foraging.

Inside Foraging in the Pacific Northwest, discover:

  • The types of edible plants in the Pacific Northwest
  • Poisonous plants in the Pacific Northwest
  • A forager’s backpack
  • Safety first: rules to remember
  • Protecting the land: guidelines for ethical foraging
  • How to forage with kids
  • Medicinal uses for foraged plants
  • Water bath and pressure canning
  • Ways to preserve your harvest
  • Recipes with foraged plants
  • A mini-guide with colored images of plants – make sure to scan the QR code in the book to get access to all the plants in color.

And much, much more!