Forensic Foraging by W. Crawford, J. Provencher, D. Cappella, D. O’Dell

Forensic Foraging: Photography to Unlock the Unseen by William Crawford et al

Edited by Linda Holderness

Forensic Foraging is a shooting approach that can add some much-needed, creative options to modern digital photography. This volume suggests basic, minimalist techniques that help to unlock the unseen in our everyday, visual world. The throwback principles showcased here serve as signposts for the digital shooter who is trying to step back a bit from today’s techno-driven, computer enhanced images.The authors—both lifelong, wandering shooters—share compelling photos that chronicle both their throwback techniques and their ever-driven wanderlust. They also present prose and poetry that offers keen insight into their travels as experienced lensmen.

They are not self-described artists, but rather they are simply itinerant shooters.But this book is much more than these descriptions. It is a tour de force revealing a creative friendship that spans the decades since the Vietnam War. It offers the reader an intimate glimpse into the souls of two contrarian ex-GIs who thrive on doing things with their personal, creative fulfillment as the goal. They shoot and write mainly for themselves, allowing others to view their work in a purely flexible, egalitarian manner.