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A Heart in Ruins:  A Short Story Prequel to The Highlands (A Time Travel Romance) by Sia Nix

When Lachlan kissed Sara in her thirteenth year, she gave away a piece of her heart but this was not the innocent love of a young teen. He was the reason why she spent the next four years in therapy, including a traumatic stay in one of London’s finest clinics. So, when she finds herself traveling back to her aunt’s cottage, her childhood home, for a week’s stay before she starts college the first thing she wants to do is see the truth for herself.

Is Lachlan McEwan really a figment of her imagination or is the stunning man who lives in the croft real?  The same croft that has sat in ruins for the past century. There’s only one way to find out, she follows her heart.

"The Highlands (A Time Travel Romance)" by Sia Nix is available on Amazon