Book Cover: ALIVE ON OPENING DAY by Adam Hughes

In the spring of 1973, Dan Hodges is on the verge of starting the life he's always wanted.

He is dating the girl of his dreams.

He is  about to graduate from high school.

Best of all, he is headed to college as a baseball star.

Then, in one ill-fated moment, his world is crushed, and Dan is plunged into nothingness for nine long months.

When he finally emerges from his personal oblivion, nothing is the same. Devastated by what he has lost but bolstered by all that he still has, Dan is determined to rebuild his life, and that's what he sets out to do.

Just when it seems he is about to reclaim his lease on a promising future, darkness begins to eat around the fringes of his vitality once more.

Can Dan latch on to all he holds dear and make it through the shadows to emerge, once again ... Alive on Opening Day?