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Patagonia: the Camino Home by Katharine Elliott

BestSelling author Katharine Elliott of A Camino of the Soul: Learning to Listen When the Universe Whispers, shares with us the next episode of her personal, often mystical soul trek in Patagonia: the Camino Home.

Following a personal call to continue long distance walking and write, Katharine embarked on her second journey, into the mountains of Patagonian Argentina and WTrek of Torres del Paine, Chile.

While enveloped in the mystical beauty of this wild Patagonian landscape, and the hike itself, Katharine finds herself
transported to joyous, and often humorous memories of her childhood. She shares these touching reminiscences with us in her emotionally descriptive style. Chronicling her two week hike through the majestic landscape of El Chalten southern Argentina and Torres del Paine, Chile in February of 2015, Katharine shares her journey as glaciers calve from surrounding granite mountain faces, Andean condor soar on the thermals of the steppe land and the Patagonian lakes sparkling turquoise in the sunlight.

Patagonia: the Camino Home will leave you wondering where she will take us next!