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Charmed by the Tiger by Dana Pierson

Angela Dacono is working toward her graduate degree in zoology, which leads her away from her home in the United States and to a small town near Beijing, China. She gets the opportunity to study under some of the greatest minds that work at and with the Beijing Zoo, and she is determined to focus on the work at hand rather than her social life.
Everything changes when slave traders ambush her.


Everything she thought she knew about people and science go out the window when a shapeshifting British human-tiger-person enters her life. Careless as he is about his own abilities, Emmet seems passionate about keeping people safe. Especially her.


Amidst panic and questions, disagreements and dangers, Angela Dacono finds herself falling in love with the British bad boy. Will he open up to her and explain his abilities to her? Or will she forever be left in the dark?