Soul Break Part One by Lynel Coetzer

Book Cover: Soul Break Part One by Lynel Coetzer
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On the afternoon of his 8th birthday, he went upstairs and was not seen again for 9 years.
Treated and rehabilitated, Kyle Evans is now a young man ready to begin his journey out of the darkness and explore the possibility of living a normal life after his return, labelled as 'Boy X' by the media. With the silent hope that no one would realize who he is, he gradually begins to break free of the past, surrounded by other's who have ghosts of their own haunting them from the shadows.

Heir to the family millions, Joel McDonald's darkness exists in the fact that his place in the world has been predefined. But there is a new face in town, someone whose darkness brings him out of his own. Unaware that their paths have crossed before, Joel realizes that he is only reaching the crux of his journey to break free of the chains that have so long caged him to the family fortune.

Life has never been the same for Michael Harper, not since the murder.
Everything is spiralling out of control for him and long-time friend Jessie as they continue to do the bidding of two dirty cops to stay out of prison. Their lives were ruined by a chain of events they are yet to uncover, when the reopening of an old mine shaft brings to surface a shocking revelation and prompts Michael to look deeper into the past.

As the chaos surrounding the old E Shaft draws further attention across the nation, detectives Jordan and Underwood find themselves desperate for clues to unravel the enigma within the shaft as the body count begins to rise. As the dangerous secrets of the past surface, everyone quickly finds themselves in the middle of a conspiracy designed by the mysterious 'Corporation' and carried out by its agents in black who strive to silence anyone in their way of them reaching the Corporation's ultimate goal.

In Part One, the turbulent past begins to collide with the present in a race to free themselves of their inner darkness as they begin to scratch the surface of the dangerous truth buried within the old mine...