Dildopia Genesis by John Thomas & Lola Smith

Book Cover: Dildopia Genesis by John Thomas & Lola Smith

Dildopia Genesis is the first book in the Dildopia Trilogy, introducing the incredible EROS virtual reality sex machine, lovers John and Lola, and their erotic, sensual and steamy sex scenarios.

"I loved your book! I found it very readable. I have read many erotic works and most smack of smut. Yours, however, was elegantly woven with elements of raunchy sex and tender intimacy that I found very refreshing. It is difficult for many writers to write graphic sex scenes without them coming across as a narrative for a porn film. The scenes are beautiful and your writing is very descriptive and you didn't have to use a lot of words to get those descriptions vividly into the reader's mind. The book is enjoyable throughout and reads fast. I hope you will continue writing in this fashion and you have, in me, a fan. Fine, fine work, my friend."