Sledge: A Suspense Novella by Alec John Johnson

Book Cover: Sledge: A Suspense Novella by Alec John Johnson

Allen Kennedy graduated college at the beginning of the 2007 recession. At the time the job market was tough. After a year of looking and not finding any opportunities out there he settled for a retail job. He hated his job, but most of all he felt that he was doomed not to make anything of himself. He was doomed to work retail for the rest of his years.

Then his cell phone unexpectedly rang. On the other end was an old friend offering him a job in the corporate office of one of the biggest companies in town. Allen happily agrees to sign on but immediately after starting there he noticed that things were... different. People were timid around the office, some were even scared, and there was something not quite right about the owner of the company, Mr. Brockford.