The Eye of the Raven by Diane Turner

Book Cover: The Eye of the Raven by Diane Turner

Separated by centuries but tied together by blood, two warriors--one a youth barely into his teens in a nation steeped in tradition, the other an undercover cop in a world of mean streets and fast cars and even faster women--find themselves across the chasm of time seeking the same holy relic. One warrior accepts his heritage, the other rejects his, yet each finds himself thrust into grave peril with death but a heartbeat away. And facing betrayal and enemies and powers both seen and unseen, there is but one way to survive their separate ordeals and that is to see with the eye of the raven.

Written by Diane Turner, cop’s wife and Cherokee daughter, this story is told from the inside, an intimate and revealing, yet sweeping view not only of the life of an undercover cop but also of life in those long-past days.