Expecting the Unexpected by Ferrel E. Calpin

Book Cover: Expecting the Unexpected by Ferrel E. Calpin

Expecting your first baby is rarely a straightforward affair. However, it's fair to say Ferrel Calpin and his long-time partner Sally were treated to one hell of a roller-coaster ride when everything from infertility fears and ectopic scares to relationship wobbles and anxiety-ridden relatives conspired to make their nine-month journey a more difficult one than most.

And as if that wasn't enough, they also had to contend with the life-changing results of a 20-week Anomaly Scan which more than lived up to its name...

Witty and moving in equal measure, 'Expecting the Unexpected' is an honest and heart-warming account of an average guy's attempts to accept change, embrace fatherhood and deal with events he has absolutely no control over.

Essential reading for expectant fathers and curious mothers-to-be everywhere!