Book Cover:

The Unique Beings: Book One of Nobody Understands Me by Samson Agboola

Vivian is an outcast in her school. She is bullied and kept out of social circles. She cannot understand why she has to go through life watching on the sidelines. All she wants is to be included, but all anyone else sees, even her teacher, is someone who should be pitied. David, a wise classmate who understands how to navigate the inner workings of the school, befriends Vivian. Together, Vivian learns from David and ultimately finds the hope she needs to get through even the most difficult of days.

The beginning of Vivian’s transformation begins with the reading of the book “Nobody Understands Me”, a gift to her from David. The short book delineates the 10 personalities that are misunderstood and that cause people to be outcast. From the first chapter, Vivian feels an immediate sense of ease, like she has finally discovered the missing piece to making sense of her life.