The Puppeteer by Cory Bradbury

Book Cover: The Puppeteer by Cory Bradbury

A fable about standing up for yourself and living the life of your dreams.

There was a picture of how I thought my life would play out, but this is not it. I put on a brave smile for the sake of others and try to act happy about all I have achieved, but none of this is what I wanted.

All I want to do is leave everything behind and to pursue my dream, but every time I try something stops me. I am sabotaged at every turn and wherever I look someone is trying to control my life. They all have a different intention for how I should live and which path I should take - if only my opinion mattered.

Why am I not in control? Why can I not live the life I want to live? What is stopping me? Or, who is stopping me?

The Puppeteer is out there. I can feel the pull of subtle strings guiding me. But how can I fight back and reclaim my life when I do not know who it is?